Ravi & Sami

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Birth of an Australian dream


Determined that their idea of fun eating will be a triumph, Sami and Ravi decided it was time to position their thoughts in action.

Neither partners are chefs by profession, however they were convinced their idea would work, sharing their patriotic Australian values of family unity, affection for food and good times. On March 5th, 2017 a simple, yet profound, milestone was in the bag. By the 13th July, 2017, the partners’ hard work reached its climax, full of admiration and ah-huh moments, they had finally cracked the secret recipe they have been working on, a Louisiana inspired authentic mix of flavors. Kickin’Inn represented the company’s distinctiveness and unique values. Kickin’ meaning to get a kick out of the flavors that tickled the taste buds.

3 years in the making

The Journey

It was an inauguration of an invention no one anticipated. Initial stages of the design was a challenge. With no industrial kitchen, they decided to test the concept in Hala’s kitchen, creating an imaginary restaurant atmosphere sharing their final products with family and friends.


Contemporary in their mindset, Sami and Ravi began to strategize their plans to ensure the model had no flaws, reconnoitering ways to ensure a smooth take-off of the brand. Both the partners locked their heads, ingeniously engineered the design of the concept in Dubai on the 13th of December 2017,a plan for the project to hit the ground 1st January 2018. The brand had the potential to be the market frontrunner in fast casual dine in.


Both partners were in business doing their own thing, aspiring entrepreneurs with a sharp vision. Sami owns a Fast Food franchise in Sydney and Ravi owns a Management Consultancy, based in Dubai.Extremely successful in their own ways, the time was right to collaborate their partnership and experiment growth, with Sydney being the test market.

The idea of running a restaurant was initiated by Sami who shared his sights on the concept. Ravi, being a natural listener and a Business Growth Leader thought fully embraced Sami’s passion and connected to his dream.


He creatively captivated the idea and molded the concept adding complexity in its simplisticform, giving it the brand expression and presence. Countless hours was spent designing the model. Various conversations were exchanged between the two,debating and modifying the concept, which opened the door to the brand name – Kickin’Inn, a restaurant that was unique and was likely to cause a stir in the Australian market. Kickin’Inn was born to be different, to deliver high quality with value, giving the Australian community a taste of great premium seafood at affordable price and flavorsome taste.


Being an Australian brand, Kickin’Inn was strategic by design and had a clear path to success.  Both the partners believed in their vision, to promote home-grown producers, hire local staff and most importantly provide all families a favorable and memorable dining experience. After all, every Australian deserves a great time.  On the 17th of September 2018, the first pilot restaurant opened its doors to the public where the journey began.

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