Mixed Bag Vs Mystery Bag, which is better?

The age-old question, which is better, Mixed Bag or Mystery Bag?


Reason’s for Mixed Bag (first image)


The mixed bag, it is one of our most popular and famous menu items. If you don’t know what to try on the Kickin’ Inn Menu, Mixed bag is your answer. Perfect for sharing with friends, this is the more affordable option and still just as delicious. Everyone will be pleased due to the variety offered in this delicious Kajun Seafood southern-inspired mix.




Reason’s for Mystery Bag (2nd two images below)


The Mystery…people love it. It is a fun game guessing what it is inside the oh-so mysterious “Mystery Bag” but, if you are adventurous and you and your friends are hungry, this bag is bigger, badder and has more to offer with a larger price tag – this bag can easily be shared with up to three people. What are you waiting for? Invite that friend that loves trying new things, book yourself a table and taste the experience at Kickin’ Inn today, you will not be disappointed.




It all depends on your personal taste. At the end of the day, they are both undeniably delicious. However, there has to be a winner… and due to affordability, taste and popularity – the mixed bag has to win. Why don’t you visit Kickin’ Inn and find out for yourself…you might be pleasantly surprised.

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