Kickin’ Hot Pots. They Are On Fire This Month! Due To Great Demand They Are Now Part Of the official Menu 

A crowd favourite, Kickin’ Hot Pots, due to great demand, has officially become part of our updated menu. From The Blue swimmer Crab Pot: Fifteen locally sourced Blue Swimmers for $68 to…

Thirty Freshly-caught Whole Fresh Scampi ($69.95).

paired with your choice from 5 original sauces that include:

Kajun: A variety of herbs blended together for an authentic taste

Garlic Kajun: Fresh crushed garlic with kajun blend

Garlic Butter: Fresh crushed garlic with sautéed butter

Lemon Pepper: Grounded pepper blended with lemon and kajun

Sha-bang: Mixture of all. Kickin’s crazy sauce 

The sauces are not pre-made and are made freshly for every dish.


Whole Fresh Prawn Pot $ 55: 25 pieces of A-grade quality, highly sought after Karumba Banana Prawns which are caught in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria.



The pots are served steaming hot and fresh; the aroma of 55 perfectly combined herbs carries across the room, by the time the pot arrives at your table, you will want to be “bib ready” (Kickin’ Inn provides oversized bibs) because the waft of the food will leave you hungry and wanting more! Kickin’ Inn encourages customers to get messy so, leave your table manners at home, don’t worry about dressing up, bring your friends and taste the experience with your friends and family!



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