Kickin’ Inn – Canley Heights is, THE One-Stop Cajun Seafood Destination in Western Sydney

Western Sydney has a range of Seafood restaurants, however, what it does NOT have is affordable, fresh, Cajun Seafood. #SeafoodWithATwist

The Kickin’ Inn signature sauces took three years to create, they are original recipes made from scratch and designed specifically for Seafood. Thee sauces are made fresh for every meal and contain a whopping 55 perfectly combined herbs, sourced locally.


If you are tired of plain, overpriced Seafood, look no further than Kickin’ Inn! You are encouraged to kick back, get messy, use your hands, leave your table etiquette at home and pop on an oversized bib!


Our Canley Heights restaurant is located on Canley Vale Road, so come and taste the experience today! Kick back, relax and let us cook for you @Western Sydneys one-stop Cajun Seafood Destination!

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