Frequently Asked Questions ( Kickin’ Inn FAQ )

How Fresh Is Your Seafood?

All our seafood is freshly delivered every day and locally sourced from reputable and certified suppliers. The exception is the Alaskan Crabs which is imported by our supplier.

Are Your Sauces Pre-Made?

As our concept is based around freshness, all our signature sauces are freshly prepared for every order.

What Is In Your Sauces?

That is our secret recipe. What we can tell you is that our signature sauce have a total of 55 expertly combined herbs (locally sourced) and it took 3 years to create the sauces alone.

Are Kickin’ Inn’s Sauces Alcohol-Free?

No alcohol is used for the production of any sauces.  We don’t use alcohol in any of our cooking either.

Is Your Food Halal?

All our menu items are Halal.

Can I Book A Function At Your Restaurant?

We are more than happy to host any parties. However, it is best to call the store directly and discuss the needs with the Manager. At Kickin’Inn we know how to party!

Can I Choose To Have My Dish Served In A Plate?

Yes, while we do recommend the bag option for the full Kickin' Inn experience, you can definitely request for a plate.

Do you taking bookings?

Absolutely we do. Just call the Restaurant and speak to one of our staff members who will explain the bookings and availability.

Are you a BYO?

Yes, you can bring your own alcohol however it is a $3 dollar corkage fee. We do offer a great range of wines and beer however. We also have our own brewed Kickin’ Lager.

Are your sauces vegetarian?

All our signature causes are made from herbs.  The sauces are all vegetarian. As a matter of fact, they are gluten free.  Those that are dairy intolerant, we can make the sauces without butter.

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