Learn how to “Kick In” and “Get Messy” like an expert.

“Cajun but with a K”

At Kickin’ Inn, (A Kajun Seafood Restaurant) you are not just eating seafood, you are eating it with a twist, a twist that truly brings a kick to your taste buds! All 55 herbs are perfectly combined and take your taste buds on an adventure.

Cajun Seafood originates in South Louisiana however all of our products with exception of the rare Alaskan, King and Alaskan Golden King Crab.

Here is your official step by step guide to become an expert at ‘Kickin Inn’ and getting messy.

One: “Choose your main meal”. There is an array of wholesome yet delicious options, ranging from Whole Fresh Prawns to the Alaskan Golden King Crab.


Two: “Choose your sauce”. There are 5 original sauces, the signature Kajun sauce took 3 years to create.


Three: “Pick your spice level” from original (all flavour, no spice) to 000 (Better call an ambulance). The last step is inspired by the south, add some wholesome corn and potatoes and the experience is complete… however, that is not where the story ends, the process and dining experience itself is also quite a treat if you are adventurous.


Kajun seafood birthday function

Bonus step: “Get Messy & Taste The Experience”

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